Welcome to Finn Hill Masonry Inc.

Finn Hill Masonry Inc. is a family owned business and specializes in high quality finished masonry products including Outdoor Fireplaces, Barbecues, Fire Pits, Veneer, Posts, Patios, Walls, Arches, Walkways and anything else you desire.

Invest in the timeless beauty of brick and stone. It has warmth and human scale. Put into place by hand, one by one, only brick or stone gives that touch of craftsmanship, authenticity, and timeless durability you want for your home. More types of brick, stone and block are now available than ever before, and we can help you with questions about your specific masonry application.

Modern steel reinforced masonry structures are both durable and safe. Masonry structures can easily be designed to withstand high winds and earthquakes. Brick, block and stone will not burn and insects can not destroy them and the final masonry product is very low maintenance with a long service life.





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